Wednesday, November 14, 2007

selling out

When did everyone become a Garth Brooks fan? He comes to town and sells out NINE SHOWS at The Sprint Center. This is unfathomable to me. I realize that I know nothing about the supposed hype that surrounded his appearance(s) [thank goodness], but I am unconvinced that the enthusiasm surrounding this dude is warranted. wtf. Nine shows. Seriously.

I mean, he can’t be that big of a deal. He went to high school with my mom’s siblings in Yukon, OK. (name-drop.)

Anyway, all this to say, I had really, really wanted to go to the Regina Spektor concert. (I was in Broadway CafĂ© when I read in the Preview that she was coming to town, and, no joke, I got all teary eyed. I was so happy.) And then, when I went to buy a ticket last week…it was sold out. !!!!!!!!!!!!! wtF. *I* don’t go to shows that sell out. I go to shows at intimate little venues where everyone knows each other and probably the band members themselves. It’s how I roll. (Natasha got mad at me when we didn’t leave “early enough” to go to the Damien Rice show a few months ago…and I must admit that I was surprised to see the HUGE-ASS line winding down the street when we got there…I am just not used to things like this.)

So. Regina sold out. Regina, my girl-crush-soul-mate, who I have loved ardently since the trip to Chicago in September of 2006. It hasn’t been a long relationship, but it has been very intense.

And I didn’t get to go to her show. (I wasn’t able to go to the show last year, either.)

It was okay…I was less disappointed than I thought I would be. I surely wasn’t going to pay lots of money for a scalped ticket (okay, brief confession, I don’t have a clear understanding of exactly what ticket-scalping is). I did have “scouts” at the show to see if there were any extras, and there weren’t, as far as I know. It’s okay. I was at a bible study with the women that I love. So. Maybe she’ll come back??


@ said...

i just noticed you have this...

keep it up.

Richard said...

Garth was effing awesome.