Friday, November 21, 2008


...makes me want to take a bath in hand cream. and take a drink of olive oil.

Friday, November 7, 2008

another short update...

(written last night on the train with only spotty internet connection)

I’m sorry (Mom!) that I haven’t been able to update more often on this trip…though I have been able to get internet in most places, there were others where we didn’t have a connection (or running water, or electricity!). On the days when we HAVE had a connection, I have been so tired at the end of the day (or have been still working on my laptop, in bed) that I couldn’t muster the energy to blog. (I like that “blog” is a verb.)

So, we are currently on the train…just leaving Bhagalpur and headed to Calcutta. We had a lovely few days in the villages of Bihar and Jarkhand…really, really lovely. I very distinctly felt my soul align one day as we were driving along the paddy fields…on terrible roads…with most of my traveling companions singing songs in Hindi. It was truly a beautiful area and I met many beautiful people…lots of things to ponder (like my future vocation as a farmer in India…just kidding). Perhaps whenever I have an opportunity to gather and write my thoughts, I will.

Overall, we have had a very productive visit so far. I can’t believe that we are almost headed home…just a few more days! In the beginning I was VERY homesick, and, of course, now that we are nearing the end of our journey I am just hitting my stride. Oh well. I AM looking forward to getting home...though I think I have sufficiently mastered the bucket-bath on this trip, I am indeed looking forward to a nice hot shower in my home.

I've been reading some Wendell Berry agricultural essays while I'm here (though "reading" might be an overstatement, as I've probably only read about 15 pages over 2 weeks), and what with that and all of my time in the rural villages, I've been thinking a lot about...well, agriculture, and development, and a lot of things. Lots of good things to chew on.

miss you all...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

On Indian TV, headlines about Obama's victory:


:) excellent.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

a short update...

I'll try to make it short, at least, because I am very very tired.

After my last post (written while EXTREMELY sleep deprived on the sleeper train), we arrived in Allahabad, where we had the privilege with meeting with the leaders of the mothers groups in the area. It was amazing...but since this is just "a short update," I will save the meaty stuff for another post when I have more time (I should actually be working right now).

We took another sleeper train last night (not as nice, but I slept MUCH better) and arrived in Jarkhand today to begin our 7-day visit of our Bhagalpur project. Our two teams will each visit a different town/village every day and meet with sponsored families. This is my favorite part of one of these trips...I can do office stuff just fine, but I love being "in the field" and hanging out with the sponsored families in their villages and homes.

It's good to be here...somewhat hard, but good. Tonight I am staying at a parish, and I have a mosquito net...which is good, because there are hundreds of mosquitos here, and they looove me. (my ankles are covered.)

well, I really, really need to sleep, even though it's only about 9:40 pm. I miss you all!!