Sunday, March 30, 2008

so I'm going to India tomorrow! hooray!

I'll be traveling with another colleague to visit several of our CFCA projects in Tamil Nadu state, Hyderabad, and Delhi. We'll be gone for 17 days.

I'll try to update while we're gone! But we will be very busy, as our schedule is jam-packed. But I bet it'll be fun! I've never been to India!


va55 said...

Sara...I hope you are having a WONDERFUL time while you are working. We are so looking forward to seeing you (and your pictures too!) We love you....stay safe! Love, Mom :)

Cathy Asmussen said...

Everyone here at St. Paschal Church (where I work and attend) will keep you and your colleague in our prayers. I am forwarding your blog to your cousins so they can keep up with you as well. Looking forward to hearing about the fruits of your labor!!
God Bless,

va55 said...

Sara....We were so happy to hear your voice on our answering machine. Sorry we weren't home to talk to you. Can we call you on that phone number, or should we wait until you can call us again? I'm glad to know you arrived and are safe. Sorry to hear about the lost luggage. Looking forward to hearing from you again, either by blog or phone. We love you...Mom