Saturday, January 3, 2009

domestic disturbances

Over the last couple of years, maybe just year, I have cultivated a love of -silence-. I don't know if it's because I've gained an appreciation for solitude, or because my inner-peace-level is higher, or I'm becoming more of an introvert, or I'm just more COMFORTABLE with silence (I haven't always been)...but these days, one of my greatest pleasures is to be alone in my apartment, piddling around and doing stuff or just lying around...with no noise. Maybe a bird chirping or something, but no music, tv, babies crying...nothing. ahhhhh.

The funny thing is, my upstairs neighbors (who happen to be my landlords, and super-cool ones at that) don't seem to share my love for -silence-. In fact, they tend to play music quite frequently, which is fine (I love music too!), except that...
a) it is LOUD.
b) it tends to have extremely heavy and prominent bass lines. and
c) it appears to come from a location that is directly above my bedroom.

I'm on my bed right now, and I have earplugs in (at 5:45pm), and I can STILL hear the bass of whatever it is they're playing right now. (sometimes I am not so fortunate to have it happen at such a reasonable hour...the reason for the earplugs-purchase was because this was happening between 11pm-1am on weeknights. this girl has to work in the mornings.)

It's funny, too, because the music that they DO play (and, when I am earplug-less, I can hear it quite clearly) is...funny. They are probably just a little younger than my parents, but they listen to things like Beyonce, random R&B, 90's adult alternative...stuff that I wouldn't expect from...them. But what do I know.

Anyway. The reason that I decided to blog about this was because just a bit ago I was listening to them listen to "Lady Marmalade," which was definitely clashing with my quiet Bon Iver. It seems to have stopped...maybe I can resume my quiet piddling now...:)


bmccoy said...

when we lived in an apartment, i was the "call the cops anytime anyone did anything" guy. There was a youngster underneath me that would blare his rap music before he went to school everyday and one day i snapped, banging on his door and telling him to stop.
Then i stopped getting up and called 911 everytime, just to clog up the lines so people with real emergencies couldn't get through...
happy b day!

Anne said...

this would annoy me least, there is bon iver.