Wednesday, September 23, 2009


...I'm going to India, again, leaving in 4 days. Will be gone for 16.

There's a lot to do before I leave, and I don't exactly know when it will all get done, but if I have to forgo sleep for a couple of nights...I have a 23-hour journey to catch up on sleep. (and be subsequently jet-lagged).

It will be fun, friends! I do hope that you, my many readers (ha!), keep in touch while I'm gone. Feeling connected to home while I'm so far away from home helps me to feel more at home in my home-away-from-home. We will be in cities most of the time, and will probably have access to internet the whole time, so I will try to be good with updates. :)


Maureen said...

Yes please keep the updates comin'. We'll miss you!

Mom said...


Have a wonderful trip. We love you. Keep safe (and healthy).

Love, Mom

Lisa Garrett said...

Can't wait to read more. Praying for your healthy return. Aunt Lisa