Thursday, March 11, 2010

tweet tweet

I'm contemplating a new way of keeping in touch while I'm in India. I've set up a twitter account that I will try to update while I'm there, either from the internet OR *crossing fingers* from my cell phone. We'll see if it works. My twitter username is "sarainindia" (@sarainindia). If you're a twitter user, you can "follow" me. If not, you can visit to see my updates! (If it works, of course!)

Oh, and...I'm going to India on Saturday. In case you didn't catch that. ;) It should be a good trip...I'm looking forward to the HOT weather! woohooo!!!

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Mom said...

Sara. It was so wonderful seeing this past weekend and seeing you off at the airport yesterday when you left for India. We LOVE you! Keep safe. Yes...I was able to read the twitter page...:)