Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So I’m going to Nicaragua tomorrow.

It will be a different sort of trip than I usually go on. This is a “Mission Awareness Trip” that is designed for sponsors so they can travel and meet their sponsored friend. I’m serving as the “CFCA-Kansas representative” since our president (who usually helps to facilitate these trips) is in the process of walking from Guatemala to Chile (no big deal).

So, it will be different. Definitely a different kind of work trip than I am used to...I’m hoping it’s more like a vacation? (Probably not, but I like to think about it that way.)

  • One thing that is DEFINITELY different is that it is only one week long...hooray! THAT means that I can most likely fit all of my gear into a small suitcase that I can carry on. This way I can ensure that my bag won’t get lost in the air (or wherever lost bags go to). Plus...one week? That’s peanuts. (I think...I don’t actually know what that phrase means. I mean to say that “it’s really no big deal compared to the longer trips I usually go on.”)
  • I won’t have to travel through 5,237 time zones to get there, or to come back.
  • I can travel there within one day.
  • Everyone there will speak Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish. But I can probably understand it better than Tamil, or Hindi, or Telugu, or Malayalam, or Santali, or Swahili, or Luo.
  • I get to shop for souvenirs. Any requests?

This will be my third trip this year. WHEW. It feels like a lot. I’m pretty sure, however, that this will be my last trip of the year, which is good. It will be nice to have a long break.

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Ed said...

you may have a good trip to nicaragua' I just happened to read your blog