Wednesday, August 27, 2008

exciting things

a) I got a new, reusable cup (with lid and handle!) from QuikTrip last week for $3.99. I’m sure it will end up paying for itself within a couple of weeks (refills are, like, $0.11 cheaper)! exciting.

(fyi…I work veryveryclose to QT. I go there almost every day. Some days I go more than once. Last week when I bought my new cup, the cashiers were like, “Whoa, big step for you!! New cup!!” …we’re friends.)

I have recently become addicted to “Rooster Booster,” the energy drink that comes from the fountain at QT. I’ve never liked energy drinks; I think they generally taste like vitamins. But this one…I can’t describe it…it’s just so tart, and bubbly, and makes me feel good in the mornings. They even have a diet version, so my little “cocktail” includes ice (cubed, not crushed, about a third of the cup), half regular Rooster Booster, and half Diet Rooster Booster. I CAN’T STOP

Since we’re talking about QT, I guess I should inform you that they are giving away FREE DONUTS this morning at the one over here. I hear that they’re giving away free sandwiches later. excellent!!


kristin said...

Not to be a downer on your carbonated beverages, but it made me think of the last few days when I have been having headaches, and I think they may be linked to a high intake of high-fructose corn syrup. Anyway. That was kind of the last straw, and I have DEFINITELY decided to do a cleanse diet, like John Raux's. I am going to launch it when I leave. You want to be my partner? It would be a good time to get rid of toxins, and hopefully also headaches and migraines! You should!


B said...

QT's Chicken and a biscuit = something that makes B.McCoy wish he wasnt a veggie.

QT's fountain selection = something that makes B.McCoy very happy.

QT is more than a just a store, its a way of life

sara said...

K: I...I think I want to do it. I have a feeling that it would revolutionize my health...make me feel much better. but I am pretty much terrified of fish oil, and of smelling rank...

B: chicken and a I have never heard of this! I don't know if this would fit into my power-cleanse diet (see above). then again...I don't know if ANYTHING at QT would fit into my power-cleanse diet. o no!!

quart said...

SARA! energy drinks are SOOOO horrible for living things. like YOU!

evan said...

i love free stuff. check out my blog for a completely unrelated but slightly funny and ironic story and/or dialogue.

brandon "b.mccoy" mccoy likes talking about himself in the 3rd person.

here's my equivalent:

e-dub loves free stuff. check out e-dub's blog blah blah blah.

sara, if you love energy drinks, drink 'em. we're all going to die of something.

evan said...

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