Monday, August 11, 2008

I am turning into a handygirl!

Since we moved into our new place, I have:

  • re-hung the porch swing on new hooks (after the previous hook broke while my friends were sitting on it…sorry friends..)
  • tightened the screws on our bathroom door
  • attempted to hang a cabinet in the bathroom (attempted…the landlord had to come fix it for us)

…that’s it so far. But I’m feeling very empowered! Maybe I should ask for some power tools for Christmas…


B said...

you are more tough than i am!

Rachel Meredith Kempf said... this place an improvement to the ol' 'partment?

sara said...

SUCH AN IMPROVEMENT! you'll love it.

weatherford said...

the 'partment was pretty great. home depot card?