Saturday, November 1, 2008

a short update...

I'll try to make it short, at least, because I am very very tired.

After my last post (written while EXTREMELY sleep deprived on the sleeper train), we arrived in Allahabad, where we had the privilege with meeting with the leaders of the mothers groups in the area. It was amazing...but since this is just "a short update," I will save the meaty stuff for another post when I have more time (I should actually be working right now).

We took another sleeper train last night (not as nice, but I slept MUCH better) and arrived in Jarkhand today to begin our 7-day visit of our Bhagalpur project. Our two teams will each visit a different town/village every day and meet with sponsored families. This is my favorite part of one of these trips...I can do office stuff just fine, but I love being "in the field" and hanging out with the sponsored families in their villages and homes.

It's good to be here...somewhat hard, but good. Tonight I am staying at a parish, and I have a mosquito net...which is good, because there are hundreds of mosquitos here, and they looove me. (my ankles are covered.)

well, I really, really need to sleep, even though it's only about 9:40 pm. I miss you all!!


Vanessa said...

hey sara!! i miss u so much! im glad u are having a good time in india. all of my friends know about you being there and they think it is so cool. on my phone i keep our current time as well as yours so i always know what time it is there haha. i miss u and cant wait to see u!
love nessie

dad said...

love you. peace.

angvani said...


Who are You and for what project You are visiting Bhagalpur? Please let me know if I, being first online news paper of Bhagalpur ( be of any help?

thanx & regards
my city,my paper

dad said...

roux,obama is our president. Blessings, dad