Thursday, December 31, 2009

top albums of the decade.

A few days ago, a few friends and I had an email exchange in which we shared our top 20 albums of the decade. It was one of the most fun exercises I’ve done in awhile: flipping through the ipod to see what it really IS that I’ve been listening to for the past 10 years.

The albums that made the list are ones that I just LOVED, and still love now. 20 is a remarkably small number...there are many more albums that were highly qualified to fall on this list.

20. gnarls barkley – st. elsewhere
19. feist – let it die
18. arcade fire – funeral
17. sufjan stevens – seven swans
16. over the rhine – the trumpet child
15. ryan adams – heartbreaker
14. andrew bird – armchair apocrypha
13. damien rice – o
12. over the rhine – drunkard’s prayer
11. iron and wine – the creek drank the cradle
10. coldplay – a rush of blood to the head
9. glen hansard and marketa irglova – the swell season
8. patty griffin – 1000 kisses
7. bon iver – for emma, forever ago
6. over the rhine – ohio
5. thom yorke – the eraser
4. regina spektor – begin to hope
3. sigur ros – takk...
2. radiohead – kid a
1. radiohead – in rainbows


In other news, I find myself here on the eve of a New Year and I am, unexpectedly, INCREDIBLY EXCITED. Looking forward to what is to come in my life and in community. Excited to keep learning and growing. Hoping that I will continue to be transformed by the renewing of my mind.

(I also turn 28 in a few days, and that IS giving me anxiety. Minor late-twenties crisis. I’m sure I’ll be fine.)


Mom said... can't be 28. It was just last week that I was taking you to Kindergarten...:-) Love, Mom

Haven Yates said...

coldplay – a rush of blood to the head, is on my list too. The others I haven't heard much of. PFR is a big old favorite.