Thursday, October 15, 2009


...written during the trip, but not posted. so I'll post now.

(that means that I'm back! I'll update with more soon.)


Cookies and orange soda…that’s what I had for dinner.

Honestly…I don’t like Indian food that much. >.<>

One thing we have found that we can eat in restaurants, etc is Chinese food. It’s actually pretty common on menus in the cities. So…in the last couple of weeks, I have eaten more chicken fried rice than I probably eat in a year. It’s good, but after this trip I probably won’t be eating it for a long, long time.

On other occasions, people are usually aware of our eating habits ahead of time, so there will be some plain boiled vegetables or “chicken no spice” prepared for us. But, of course, nobody else eats it because they don’t think it tastes like anything.

If all else fails, I eat the trail mix that I brought along. (My travel companion, Ilene, brings enough food with her to last the whole trip. She could probably bring a small suitcase full of food.) I have discovered that my favorite trail mix elements (I mix it myself from the bulk bins at Wild Oats) are ALMONDS (I could probably survive solely on them), craisins, and M&Ms (the Wild Oats version). I could probably live without the soy nuts. Um…you probably don’t care about my favorite trail mix items…

One thing I do love when I’m in India is FRUIT. It is so fresh and sweet! I’ve read that you are only supposed to eat fruits that can be peeled, so I eat a lot of plantains (tiny bananas) and oranges. Last night I ate an orange that had green skin…and greenish flesh…but it wasn’t as good as the regular oranges (which are EXCELLENT).

Okay, so…that was a blog post about food. We had a good day today, but I can’t imagine that anyone wants to hear about our all-day staff meeting…

Coming home soon!


Anonymous said...


I LOVE reading about your favorite ingredients in Trail Mix!! I am glad you are back in KC now...but look forward to seeing you sometime soon. Vanessa is home sick, so we can't travel up right now. Maybe you can travel "down" here soon.

Love, Mom

Kristin said...

Mmmmm....I love posts about food. But I like Indian food, especially chicken biryani. It has such an interesting mish-mash of flavors: garlic, cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, turmeric, etc...yummy.

Maureen said...

Thank you for your honesty about not liking Indian food--I don't either and I always feel judged for it. ;)

sara said...

Kristin: I like biryani, in theory. It IS a very interesting mix of flavors...savory and sweet. HOWEVER. HOT DAYUM. I had some in Hyderabad, which is famous for their biryani, and I COULD NOT EAT IT because it was so flippin spicy. gahhh.

Maux: Don't worry, I certainly won't judge. I betcha that most people who "looove" Indian food wouldn't like it as much in India, where it's not Americanized. :)