Saturday, May 3, 2008


today I would like to shoutout to:

* My friend Brent recommended "a walk on the westside", which I hadn't even heard of prior to last evening. It was the most fun I'd had in a long time, and I saw a handful of really great people (some that I hadn't seen in years). And, it reminded me of how much I love Kansas City. Music and men in drag. On the Westside. Oh man!

* Radiohead (who I will be seeing in a couple of weeks, are spinning at this moment on the 'pod, and are my FAVORITE BAND EVER) are committing to changing the way that they tour to reduce their carbon footprint. I mean, seriously. I didn't think I could love them any more...but they never cease to amaze me...<3

* Excedrin Migraine. Earlier this evening, I had the worst headache of my entire life. After a trip to Walgreen's and about 35 minutes, I was able to lie on the couch with my eyes open and watch a couple of episodes of Sex & the City. awesome.

that's all for today...

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va55 said...


I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad headache...:-(

Love, Mom