Wednesday, October 29, 2008

in india!

well, we finally got an internet connection. WHEW.

When I'm in the States, I tend to make fun of those people who are constantly connected to and communicating via their cell phones (aka 'girlfriends' a joking way of course). But once I get to India and remember that my cell phone doesn't work here, and that I might not have internet the whole time I'm here...I FREAK OUT!!

culture shock + lack of connectivity + missing people = freakout!

anyway, our internet card was delivered today, so you may hear from me intermittently.

We did arrive safely, last night, after about 21 hours of travel (this included a 15-hour DIRECT FLIGHT to Delhi from Newark, during which I slept peacefully and watched movies). We'll be here in Delhi again tomorrow, then an overnight train to one of our Delhi subprojects. Should be fun!

Anyway, miss you all, hope to be able to stay in touch while I'm here....<3


NJ said...

We miss you too :)

dad said...

roux, so nice to know you got a little rest on the flight and that you are well. we do enjoy hearing from you and find your posts beautiful and so you. getting ready to listen to our next president this evening. i love you, daughter. take very good care and i look forward to hearing from you. dad

Some Day Sarah... said...

ah, i'm shuttling Jon and his dad to the airport in the morning to come your way! I'm very excited to see your pictures and hear great stories. sweet journey dear friend!

Anonymous said...

Sara...I was so happy to get your email! How do you like riding on those trains? We miss you. Looking forward to your next blog entry. Hope all is going well. Love, Mom

PS...Obama is getting more and more ahead in those polls!

bmccoy said...

safe travels, sister!

kristin said...

I'm loving these posts, Sara! I was reading this one and thinking about how I also visited Delhi and how we probably went to the same train station. It's neat to think about! Miss you.