Thursday, October 30, 2008

written a couple of nights ago...

right now, I'm on a sleeper's about 7:10am here, and I've been awake for the last...4 hours or so? This jet lag thing is kickin my butt...I'm EXHAUSTED during the day, and then I sleep pretty well for a couple of hours...and then I wake up at about 4am!

the sleeper train isn't bad...I have a little curtain, and have been plugged into my ipod all night...not bad! HOWEVER. it has THE most disgusting bathroom I have EVER seen in my whole life. Makes all disgusting gas-station bathrooms absolutely pale in comparison. I unfortunately drank quite a bit of water last evening, so have had to make a couple of trips, but I've bathed in hand sanitizer afterwards (and am holding it right now, waiting until we 'land').

Unfortunately, I'm pretty homesick, and still kindof culture-shocking. I'm missing Kansas City a lot...[and then I lost my internet connection]

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