Wednesday, October 8, 2008

maybe race SHOULD influence politics.

My dear friend B. McCoy posted some thoughts on race and the election.

I've been thinking about formalizing a "why I'm voting for Obama" post, but that seems too complicated (and there are SO MANY reasons!!), so I'll just share some thoughts that I commented on his post:

I think Obama’s race might have something to do with why I want him to be the next president…(a) because I feel like he has had the ‘opportunity’ to experience discrimination, and (b) he has struggled with his own identity as it relates to his race…and I feel like both of those things make him more well-fit to be president than any candidate that I’ve ever seen.

let me flesh that out a bit more…I’m voting for Obama because I believe in his character and because I believe that he cares more about the average American (and the oppressed, the ones that Jesus calls US to care for) than most politicians. I believe in his convictions and in his authenticity. perhaps his racial identity has contributed to that…that is the impression that I got from reading his first book..."

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