Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So I arrived in Kisumu! Have internet in hotel! Tired, but a few updates:

- I was feeling sick for a couple of days, but I am feeling much better now (please do not worry, Mom and Dad!!)
- I missed a flight this evening due to Nairobi traffic and construction. That doesn't ever really happen in Kansas City.
- Got on a later flight and still made it to Kisumu. *whew*
- There is a World Vision conference happening at this hotel. Lots of people in WV tshirts, and I've seen several Americans. Maybe I can talk to them, if I ever come out of my room (which doesn't really happen because my room-time is so limited and so so precious).

...what else?...

- I feel like I have been in Kenya for WEEKS. This is not an exaggeration. (Well, I guess I have been here for TWO weeks, but I feel like it has been about 5.) It's not a bad thing, it's just that SOO much has happened since I arrived!
- OH YEAH!!!! I went to a game park this morning; my first time! It was AWESOME! At first I was like, "yeah, that might be cool, but animals aren't really my thing," but then I saw giraffes, zebras, buffalo, lots of birds, lots of gazelle-like things, elephants, and lions! And it was AWESOME! (oops already said that!) Then we got sort of lost in the park...and I kind of fell asleep...and all of us and our things got really dusty. But I am so glad we went. It really was cool.
- Spent about 8 hours in the car today. That was not so awesome.

Okay, that might be it for now. I should try to sleep (even though I'm not really tired because I slept a lot during those 8 hours). Good night (day) to all; missing you and looking forward to seeing you soon.


Mom said...

Happy to hear from you and know you are feeling better! <3 Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

ooh, a game park! That sounds AMAZING and I am jealous. Can't wait to see you...

Maureen said...

YeS! So glad you got to visit a game park. That is the best. We miss you back here in KC!