Saturday, April 12, 2008

delhi belly

since I've been in India, I've pretty much weaned myself off of coffee.

...and food.

Yesterday my "feeling sickly" continued and was accompanied by fever. I referred to the website, which told me to "seek medical attention immediately" if I get a fever any time during my trip (or a year afterwards!) (in case it's malaria [I have been taking malaria pills, but they apparently don't prevent all cases]). So, we went to a hospital.

Fortunately, our coordinator (here in Delhi)'s wife is a nurse, so I was able to see a doctor pretty quickly (I felt terrible because there were probably a hundred people waiting). Based upon my report of my symptoms, he ruled out malaria (no chills or sweating) and after a bit of poking around determined that I had instead contracted a stomach infection (probably food or water). So I got some antibiotics. (Also, this doctor is apparently the prime minister's doctor. So I am hoping he knows what he's talking about.)

So after a couple of days of eating hardly anything (really, I'm on the road to swimsuit season now), I ate some last night, felt better, and feel almost 100% today.

I am very glad that I don't have malaria.

Otherwise, Delhi is nice. Every city we've been in so far has a different feel. India, in general, "feels" different than I would have expected (probably a combination of my impressions of movies like the Darjeeling Limited, the Namesake, and Born into Brothels).

Urban and rural areas are VERY different, obviously. In rural areas, I feel like a total weirdo because I'm not in a saree. In urban areas, my man-shaped and man-colored outfits don't look SO out of place (though we do get a lot of stares regardless).

So, I am going to start a new list: things that I miss most when in India:

  • showers (it is rare that we find a good one. and I haven't quite mastered the art of the bucket-bath.)
  • toilet paper. (seriously. hot commodity in these parts.)
  • food that my stomach can handle (I had mostly cookies today, gross)
  • traffic laws (I can't believe we haven't died yet)
  • my clothes (in the absence of sarees and because my authentic Indian dress is limited, I am sporting the whole business-casual look, which is NOT ME AT ALL AND IN FACT PRETTY AWFUL)
But other things about India that I love, in addition to color and immaculate kitchens:
  • hard beds and pillows. mmm. I love it.

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va55 said...


Oh my, oh my....I had been a little worried when you hadn't written anything for two days...thinking you just might be too busy to write. I hate thinking of you feeling so un-well. I am glad you are doing better.

You are such a great writer...I sometimes laugh out loud when I read your blog (when I'm not almost in tears with worry that you are sick.)

Keep safe...we love you,