Wednesday, April 9, 2008

good morninnnngggg hyderabad

things I would like to start doing once I return to the States, thanks to India:

have more plants on my porch (and take proper care of them)
hang my laundry out to dry
wear more color (I know, I said it, be sure to write that one down)
be a nicer person. (seriously. the hospitality is...overwhelming.)

We had our first day in Hyderabad was great. we had meetings all throughout the morning and afternoon. this evening, we met with some of mothers' groups, and I was privileged to meet some of the most gracious, beautiful, powerful, and inspiring women. in the world. I'm sure.

plus, I think I'm just in love with this city. It's great. I have loved being in some of the more rural areas this past week, but since I'm a city girl I feel very at home here. and, as I mentioned previously, the hospitality that we've received is just overwhelming. you can't help but feel at home, even though I'm very very far away from home.

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