Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So, we finished up in Kadapa this morning, and early this afternoon began the 7-hour drive to Hyderabad. Because our days have been SO BUSY since we arrived, it was nice to have a few hours to plug myself into the ipod and watch the foliage as we drove along.

It is so nice to be in Hyderabad. Kadapa was kind of stressful, very busy, and I kept getting chomped on by mosquitoes. Here, we are staying at the CFCA office which is BEAUTIFUL (nicer than any of the hotels we've stayed at so far...but don't worry, it's still modest), and the internet connection is working, and the staff here are amazing. It just feels so homey, and I haven't felt homey since I got to India.

speaking of. being here has been so...different. It's so different here than any place I've ever traveled. The cultural differences are profound. The women are the most beautiful people I've ever seen. Pretty much everything is falling apart, but everything is beautiful. There is color everywhere.

I would go into more detail, but I am exhaused and have a very cozy bed and blanket here in Hyderabad. Until next time.


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