Thursday, April 10, 2008


Today was a great day in Hyderabad. I got to see:
  • a street children's center
  • a shoe-making training facility
  • a bag-making shop
  • a notebook-making shop (these are all livelihood programs supported by sponsored mother's groups)
  • an in-construction community center (that will house the notebook-making)
  • an engagement party
I also:
  • got a little sickly
  • gave a presentation in front of like 150 social workers (maybe not that many, but it felt like that many, but it was great fun)
  • had dinner at the Hyderabad coordinator (Suresh)'s home (he has the cutest little boy I have ever seen)
  • visited other friends (yes, you can make dear friends within only a few days.)
Tomorrow we fly to Delhi for a bunch of interviews. It will probably be a nice change of pace, as we've had such a busy schedule since we arrived. And I'm excited to see Delhi.

Also, since I've apparently started making lists, I have one more point to add to my "to-do-upon-returning-to-the-states-from-india" list:

  • organize my kitchen (Indians have the most immaculately organized kitchens! it's amazing!)
I'm pretty sure there was something else, but I can add it later. There are 6 more days, after all.


va55 said...


Hope you are feeling better and are over your little bit of food sickness.

Can't wait to hear about the interesting foods (and the organized kitchens).

Love, Mom

va55 said...

I would love to see your speech before the social workers. Did it get recorded? Love, Mom

sara said...

no way! I sure hope it wasn't recorded.